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Campbell has been learning and performing magic since the age of 4 years old and was frequently seen showing off his new effects at his resident venue (the family living room).

23 years later, and although he still regularly performs in the lounge, he has begun to design and create some of his own mind boggling feats. It is this willingness to learn and explore the impossible which has allowed Campbell to declared 'The Greatest Showman Of His Generation' (Camden Cabaret).

His extensive magic collection varies from small walk around tricks to large illusions fit for the stage. These effects have featured throughout his 4 award winning one man shows (Hocus, Madgic, Con Man & I Can Make You Feel Good).

Campbell is currently on the road for his 2023/24 UK tour with 'Highly Unlikely'. It features all new trickery with his familiar comical observations and storytelling throughout.

I can make you (3).png

I Can Make You Feel Good


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Con  Man


Copy of Copy of Copy of Grand Opening Da
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Highly Unlikely






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